Subliminal Photography®

by Norris Broyles
published in Aquarius, an Atlanta monthly, August 1995.

Imagine sitting down with a book and Mentally Photographing® its contents as fast as you can turn the page and then enjoy near perfect comprehension and permanent recall of the material. This is just one application of the Subliminal Dynamics® technology. Subliminal Dynamics®, a system of training in mind development, shatters conceptions of how we learn and our capacity to master great quantities of information.

Through Subliminal Photography® we are able to bypass the conscious mind and access directly that part and function of the mind that has enormous capabilities and potential; the 90% that can store, retain, and recall vast quantities of information permanently. Ironically, being able to turn pages fast enough seems to be one of the biggest impediments to students of this technique. It would not be unusual for a student to test at 85% comprehension at 20, 30, even 40,000 words per minute or better!

The story began 21 years ago when company founder and developer, Richard Welch, bought and operated a speed-reading business. A known phenomenon of the speed-reading training was that the faster one processed written information, the better the reader understood the material and the recall and retention of the material improved radically. However, Welch discovered that many "speed-readers" did not continue to improve in their reading skills and recall of learned material was not permanent. Richard Welch went beyond the limitations of speed-reading and developed a technique known as Subliminal Photography®, the keystone of the Subliminal Dynamics® training.

The people of Subliminal Dynamics® are quick to point out that this program should not be considered a course in photographic memory or speed-reading. In fact, this process is quite unlike reading as you have known it. This training is more a methodology by which you may enable brain functions that are uncommon in our everyday experience though nonetheless very accessible. We have often heard it said that we typically only use a fraction of our brain's functional capabilities. This method offers to show us the key to unlocking a capacity of mind that could prove to be an evolutionary step for mankind in our ability to learn and in our creativity.

The implications are astounding. Not only does the technology greatly expand the functioning and utilization of the mind, it appears that the exercising of this mental functioning actually promotes brain development via increased dendrite growth -- the nerve pathways and memory storehouses of the brain. An article in Life magazine, from July 1994 titled "Brain Calisthenics", indicates that through a process known as "whole brain learning" dendrite growth is stimulated in brain cells. The Subliminal Dynamics® technology is promoted as an advanced system of whole brain learning, essentially a technique by which whole brain functioning is activated with apparently spectacular benefits. In fact, one of the most startling claims of this training is that it seems to bypass common handicaps to learning such as learning disabilities and even the poorest eyesight.

Subliminal Photography® is the primary vehicle that expediently creates a very strong rapport between the conscious and the subconscious. It opens many doors to our vast potential by building these bridges. As a learning tool, it allows people to assimilate information at 100 times the average reading speed with 100% retention for life. More importantly, it opens a pathway to a part of our brain that has fantastic abilities. This part of the brain acts as a conduit to universal energies and gives you the tools to take control of your life like never before.

The mind has no limits in its capacity to process and store information and there are methods by which we may access this potential. In many ways the pressure of our age of information, part of the true new age we live in, compels us to reach for new tools of learning. Just as the personal computer has transformed the ways in which we "keep up" and conduct our lives, so too technologies such as Subliminal Dynamics® may be just the ticket for a new age in personal evolution equal to the demands of a rapidly advancing technological world.

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