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In October 1975, after fifteen highly successful years in the financial planning industry, and one year of retirement at the age of thirty-four, Richard Welch started on a trek that would place him in history as the "Father of Mental Photography". Richard Welch was about to discover a new way to learn, at incredible speeds, with complete accuracy!

Embarking on a new venture, he realized a vision. After two months of operating his own speed reading school, Richard had a desire to innovate and improve the results. He wanted a course that would consistently attain results surpassing those attained by the Evelyn Wood Reading Dynamics course, and, if possible, in less time. Their course and his were currently producing about 2,000 words per minute--theirs in seven weeks, his in ten weeks.

Within a very short amount of time, startling things began to take place in the classroom. Several students had broken an existing world record in speed-reading, which researched to be 100,000 words per minute, with increased comprehension. Back in 1976, two students, a sixteen year old boy and a thirty-five year old accountant, exceeded 175,000 words per minute and were still climbing. A few weeks later, the accountant, peaked at an amazing 422,000 words per minute and tested with 85% comprehension on completely foreign material. After that, in 1976, another 16 year old boy Mentally Photographed at 606,000 words per minute. In front of 30 educators, he took a 100 question in-depth test on the book, scoring a 90% on the material, and he is dyslexic!

Richard Welch had found an entirely new method of speed-reading, or something like speed-reading, that when taught, produced unbelievable results: Mental Photography, also known as Subliminal Photography!

Psychology department staff from several universities performed independent tests funded by Richard Welch. Testing confirmed that anyone with average intelligence can learn to read at astounding speeds up to 2,000,000 words per minute -- with increased comprehension. This was achieved by flashing information at forty milliseconds on a Tachistoscope. Tests confirmed that young children, fourth and fifth graders, could rapidly grasp his method. It raised their reading and vocabulary skills several grade years with only a few hours of using this method.

What came to life in 1975 was a phenomenon called Subliminal Dynamics and Brain Management with more hidden potential than developer Richard Welch ever dreamed of. Like the child prodigy it was, it continues to amaze people who find themselves shaking their heads in wonderment at the results. Since the research and development never stops, Brain Management with Mental Photography has reached maturity in time to help an ever overburdened world to find the answers for tomorrow.

In 1991, Richard and Donna Welch decided to take Subliminal Dynamics Brain Management on the road, and write the next chapter in this ongoing saga. Not only has Subliminal Dynamics Brain Management found major acceptance across the United States, but they were also invited abroad to send out the message worldwide.

The research and development has lead to even more discoveries. Wonderful things began to take place for the students. Noticeable events happened regularly. Everything from winning large amounts of money, to psychic events, to the healing of health issues; great things were happening. Richard Welch tested what triggered these great events, and developed a scientific way to formalize the outcome based on a simple, formatted input to the subconscious part of the brain.

This research also lead to the simplification and reliability of the training. Our students go farther and faster, with complete ease and better results than ever before! Until this time, Mental Photography was only taught in the Subliminal Dynamics Brain Management Seminar, as Subliminal Photography. The Subliminal Dynamics Brain Management Seminar is a four session, four day seminar. Each session is approximately 4 to 5 hours. The Subliminal Dynamics Brain Management Seminar is held throughout the world, and is regularly scheduled in the United States.

The tremendous growth experienced by our company is primarily due to student referrals. People from all backgrounds -- students, business and industry, education, professionals, law enforcement, military, scientists, and others -- learn these innovative methods successfully. The applications of this process are limitless -- and the implications are extraordinary. As research and growth continue, we look forward to tomorrow's challenges.

Welcome To Tomorrow!

Richard Welch, CEO, and Donna Welch, President, have appeared on numerous radio and television shows. Based in Colorado, they and their fine staff commit to teaching Subliminal Dynamics Brain Management using the most innovative methods available. Subliminal Dynamics Brain Management is currently expanding worldwide and opening new foreign marketplaces.

Subliminal Dynamics / Brain Management is a Whole-Life Enhancement Course, not a photographic memory course. The techniques and applications of the Subliminal Dynamics / Brain Management process are solely for educational use. The Certified Instructors and Educom, Inc. d.b.a. Subliminal Dynamics / Brain Management do not intend to present any part of this work as a diagnosis or prescription for any ailment of any student, nor do they take responsibility for anyone misrepresenting the process through such action.

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