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Most of us have heard about a time during an athlete's career, there is that one game, or that particular season, there is absolute perfection in everything he or she did. It is usually referred to as the ZONE.

The ZONE is never explained to anyone or it is considered a "once-in-a-lifetime" event that no one can control. The ZONE is merely being in the right state of mind to perform any task, beautifully. That state of mind is Alpha. When we are in Alpha, we are more aware and in touch with our subconscious -- where all of our experience and knowledge lie. The Subliminal Dynamics Brain Management system teaches how to control this function of the mind on a daily basis with ease.

Imagine the hush of a packed stadium, watching intently, transfixed on a solo diver preparing to make the final dive to win the gold. To the diver's mind, the only thing that exists is him, the diving board, and the water beneath him.

In unbroken concentration, he launches himself high in the air as everyone's mind shutters about the end result. In the mind of the diver, there is an island of calm reassurance, closed to the psychic prattle in the stadium. The calmness in his mind continues as he enters the water with the sound of perfection.

That diver was Greg Louganis in the Olympics.


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