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Subliminal Dynamic Brain Management

Education and Learning

"Learning the ability to accurately absorb and retain vast quantities of pertinent information is itself a remarkable feat which assures increasing one's confidence, self-esteem and marketability. But learning how to relax and manage stress naturally provides a ten-fold increase in benefit for Subliminal Photographers. What better way to be of service to our fellow humans and to simultaneously create a better life for ourselves that to introduce everyone to the benefits of the Subliminal Dynamics Process?" - Edgar Mitchell, Sc.D. (Founder, Institute of Noetic Sciences, Astronaut, sixth man on the moon)

"I used Subliminal Photography on all my technical material. I am more relaxed, my confidence level has increased, and I am more organized and productive." - Leanette Merrell (Manager of Data Processing, US West Communications)

"Subliminal Dynamics has been an invaluable tool in my business consulting with clients throughout the world. It enables me to digest, comprehend, and retain vast amounts of information and data." - Charles D. Greenidge, Ph.D. (President, Greenidge & Assoc., Inc.)

"My thinking process was numbed by the rigid educational system at my schools, and I know I used to think with my subconscious when I was young. Now, I'm learning to think automatically again instead of forcing myself, which most often creates a block. I am more confident about things I do." - Connie Liu (Student)

"The program is excellent at accelerating absorption of the material. I will find it tremendously useful in my practice as well as in my personal life. Must do for any professional." - Dr. Sundardas (Naturopathic Physician)

"This course should be in every school in the country. If it were, we would radically change the educational system and empower students." - Andrew Schneider (British Columbia, Canada)

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Mental Photography / Subliminal Photography

"Fun course. I'm glad to be part of this dynamic and unfolding process. This is truly the course to be involved in during the information age." (Oct. 1, 1985) - Paul Scheele (President of Learning Strategies, Minneapolis, Minnesota)

"In my hectic and tiring profession (working with aircraft), I now need less time to handle whole piles of technical manuals." - John Chia Kwok (Senior Technician, RSAF)

"This is very practical to my well being and allows me to grow beyond what is conscious reading -- with which I have been long disappointed -- to a new approach to obtaining information better and faster." - Cheng Yew Chung (Creative Manager)

"This stuff is dynamite! Look out, world -- here I come!" - Swaran Kapur (Journalist)

"The Subliminal Dynamics course has given me the confidence to know beyond a shadow of a doubt that I could go to any college in America and graduate in the top 1% and drastically cut my study time." - Howard Williams (Bellingham, Washington)

"After attending the course, my study time [for Medical Diagnostician] dropped to 15 minutes daily -- over a 90% improvement -- and my grades became all "A's". For my final exams, I studied a half hour and scored 96%." - Le Nutter (Student)

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Dynamic Brain Management

"As for me, the Subliminal Dynamics & Brain Management techniques have had a PROFOUND effect on my life. My life has never been the same again. I have had experiences in pratically all the benefits that are listed in the course content. In view of this I have decided to devote a greater portion of my life to spreading the SD principles. The opportunities that have come my way are continuing to do so. Abundance always!" - Gnanam Tharmarajah (Malaysia)

"I have added ideas, knowledge, and techniques I did not have and will incorporate them into my life and into my practice." - Jack Wiseman, M.D. (Nebraska)

"I have gained an awareness of tools and techniques available to me to change my life. I can reprogram anything!" - Jason Miller (Williamsburg, Virginia)

"This course has opened up a vast world of new opportunity. Where I was once contemplating a trickle, now I swim and dive in a bottomless pool of infinite possibility. A spiritual transformation in the friendly garb of an intellectual transcendence." - Andy Dunham, (Mesa, Arizona)

"I have tried to get accepted into a master's program for a year and a half. I "programmed in" for the UNM Architecture Graduate Program and the next day I was accepted!" - Craig Siegel, (Santa Fe, New Mexico)

"I needed approximately $14,000 - $15,000 for the down payment on my condo that I didn't want to leave. I programmed in for the money after the first night of class. The next day, my next-door neighbor gave me a call and offered me a loan of $10,000 - $12,000! She wants me to stay!" - Darlene S., (Denver, Colorado)

"I feel I'm in control of my life. There's so much to look forward to in the future." - Agnes Ee (Secretary)

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Corporate Benefits

"I photographed an Access 98 Computer book for a Microsoft Database. I was developing and then programming that I would have the features I needed pop in to Conscious Mind when I need them and it has been working great! The least amount of stress I've had when developing Databases. I am promoting the course to friends and look forward to seeing you again soon." - Michael D. P. (Computer Programmer)

"This program gives me the tools to enhance my knowledge for my career and life, especially Subliminal Photography® and Dream Programming." - Ali Yusoff (Chief Executive Officer)

"This course itself is revolutionary. It definitely has opened my eyes to a lot of new things and has thus increased my confidence level." - Lau Boon King (Company Director)

"Without question I have gained new skills to take my professional and personal life to a new level." - Geoffrey Zimpfer (National Trainer for Anthony Robbins)

"Whether the motivation is personal growth or professional advancement, the Subliminal Dynamics course easily surpasses your wildest expectations. In two words -- IT'S PHENOMENAL!" - Mariann Zanardo (Glendale Heights, Illinois)

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Increase Vocabulary

"Already I have caught myself spelling words, that normally I would have to look up, with ease. This will enhance my ability to work more efficiently. Thank you." - Karen L. Younce (Business Owner)

"I am very fortunate the have attended the course. I think it is worth a million dollars!" - Anna Janti (Housewife)

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"You will learn about Subliminal Photographing, programming yourself from stress, and realize higher productivity." - Roger Reiling (President, Colorado State Independent Banking Assoc.)

"It has motivated me to take complete charge of my life and know that through using the processes, success is assured." - Rosalind Tay (Legal Secretary)

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Dyslexia and ADD

"The concepts taught in Subliminal Dynamics - Brain Management have ,made learning and living (in my sons life as well as mine) much more relaxed, confidence building, positive, fun, and easy. We will always remember Subliminal Dynamics as a new door of awareness open to the future!" - D'Arcy & Skyler Ansel

"My two children and I are dyslexic and I have looked all my life for ways to help them. I can stop looking now. This is an answer to a prayer." - Rev. Maureene Bass

"It has opened a whole new frontier. I used to be a slow reader." - Abdul Rahnam Ahmad (General Manager)

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"I have much concentration in my studies with much less time needed even though I spend long hours at work." - Alvin Low Tea Siong (Customer Svc. Merchandiser)

"A true adventurer of life should not miss this program. It meets the needs of people in both the home and the workplace. A motivated student will make major changes in his life for the better. I highly recommend it." - Julius Soled (Flanders, New Jersey)

"It taught me how to concentrate on a specific thing without my mind wandering." - William Worth (Insurance Executive)

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Awareness, Perception, and Intuition

"The course made me more aware of my surroundings and helpful to clarify problems and their solutions." - Pat Thomas (Sheriff)

"I found a marked increase in my observation powers. I feel more relaxed and alert, and I get up feeling fresh, which I've not experienced for a very, very long time! I am more confident and my self image, as observed by others, has increased." - Jasvinder Kaur (Law Lecturer)

"It has made me extremely aware of my own capabilities and has literally opened the door to a new and more rewarding life." - Andy Anderson (Recording Artist)

"It is the tool I have been praying for to move from my limited perceptions to the unlimited!" - Jacqueline Graham (Entrepreneur)

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Lower Stress . . .

"The best course I have ever attended. Truly, it's the mother of all courses. It's truly life changing. No words can describe the profound effect it has on me. At the end of the course, I felt like a changed person. To sum it up, nothing is impossible!" - Chan Chun Kit (Chief Internal Auditor)

"Enhanced energy, improved attitude, more productive, loss of lethargy, better focused." - Gail Scott (Bank Manager)

"Has provided me tools -- techniques to control stressful situations in my profession. Truly unlimited possibilities." - Sam Nelson (School Administrator, voted 1 of 5 top educators in the U.S.)

"It has given me the motivation and courage to believe in myself and my potential. Makes me realize how much of our brain is not utilized." - Mohamed Nazir Yusof (Insurance Manager)

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Memory Enhancement

"The use of Subliminal Photography® will allow the storage of large volumes of data to be used in the future." - Fred Embree (School Administrator)

"Since my brain surgery, I have lacked confidence in my ability to learn through reading. Now, I can Photograph and keep the knowledge indefinitely." - Jill Wilkins (Jackson, Wisconsin)

"My study time is reduced 85% and my memorization skills are greatly increased. It also helped me release tension and I am currently getting straight A's." - Aaron Terry (Student - age 13)

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Learn Foreign Languages

"The books I photograph in Dutch I recall in my dreams in English. I also recall books that I read a long time ago! My understanding of the English language has increased greatly due to photographing many Dutch-English Dictionaries." - Meindert Jan van Wijk, (Lelystad, The Netherlands)

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Creativity, Art, and Music

"The first experience with the Eye Chart gave me the ability to master a difficult composition for the organ by Johann Sebastian Bach. After using the Eye Chart, I Subliminally Photographed the organ score. Three minutes later, I was playing the piece without looking at the written notation. I wasn't looking at the pages, but I could 'see' those notes. The music flowed effortlessly. What a joy! With that 'in the head knowledge of the music', I can channel my energies to the interpretation and polishing touches that transform meaningless notes into a piece of art.

The Subliminal Dynamics Process can change the world and give us the skills to enjoy the twenty-first century. Truly, tomorrow is here today. No wonder we can say, 'Welcome To Tomorrow'." - Instructor, Lloyd Stone (Olympia, Washington)

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Healing and Health Maintenance

"On the first night, my rheumatoid arthritis in my arms made turning pages very difficult and painful. Mr. Welch told me to start using the Waterfall and visualizing the color orange on my arms immediately. After three weeks of pain, presto - the pain is gone! This marvelous course has added understanding and joy to my life. I hate to have the class end." - Adelaide vonAlven (Arlington, Virginia)

"Many illnesses are stress related and at a time where wellness is encouraged this is definitely a course worthy of your consideration." - Agnes Hoepker (School Teacher - Computer Department Head)

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