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. . .as high as 10,000% better than reading!

Assimilate information at more than 100 times
the average reading speed with 100% retention for life
and 100 times the impact of reading...

Mental Photography / Subliminal Photography is the primary vehicle that expediently creates a very strong rapport between the conscious and the subconscious. It opens many doors to our vast potential by building these bridges. As a learning tool, it allows people to assimilate information at 100 times the average reading speed with 100% retention for life. But, this is not limited to learning. More importantly, it opens a pathway to a part of the brain that has fantastic abilities. This part of the brain acts as a conduit to universal energies. Subliminal Dynamics Brain Management gives you the tools to take control of your life like never before.

As the Information Age is fully realized by the information capacities of newest computers, the next step must be the "Mental Revolution". To simply "keep up" is not good enough. Only by getting back to assimilating information as a small child would, can we ever hope to hold our own in today's fast paced market. By achieving this with the Subliminal Dynamics Brain Management system, we can take a sufficient chunk out of the stress we endure. By strengthening and toning the brain in this natural way, we can create a better, healthier, and happier life.


These are the results of recall on four tests given to students using Subliminal Dynamics Brain Management techniques. The tests included multiple choice, fill in, and true or false. Over 3400 students have been tested on this 11th grade material.



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